Inspiration for Writers

Tips and Techniques Workbook

by Sandy Tritt

I have read about a dozen books on writing in the last two months and have to admit that your Tips and Techniques Workbook is the most valuable of them all. The lessons found therein "show" instead of "tell." Thanks so much for making such a valuable tool available to writers! -- Kimberly B., Virginia


The Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook expands on the tips and techniques published on the Inspiration for Writers website, and includes exercises, reproducible worksheets, and a special section on finding an agent and creating a query letter and a synopsis. The Self-Publishing discussion includes addresses and phone numbers needed to apply for a copyright, UPC code and ISBN number, as well as listing the costs involved.

A one-inch binder will hold the 132 - 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages, and the cover page may be used in a view binder to create a cover as shown. The worksheets are compact and formatted for ease-in-use.

Section 1. Getting Ready to Write
Advice for Beginners
A Special Place
A Special Person
Doing It
Section 2. The Basics
Dialogue (and exercise)
Point of View (and exercise)
Section 3. Lifecycle of a Character
Section 4. Advanced Techniques
Section 4. Advanced Techniques (con't)
Quick Tips
Active Voice (and exercises)
Show, Don't Tell (and exercise)
Say it Once, Say it Right (and exercise)
Section 5. The Next Step
Preparing your manuscript
The Synopsis
The Query Letter
Finding an Agent
Section 6. Exercise Solutions
Section 7. Appendices
Sample Query Letter
Sample Synopsis
List of Genres
Writing Resources
Section 8. Reproducible Worksheets
Detailed instructions for worksheets

I am just a statistics class away from a doctorate, and the Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook contains more practical information on the subject it addresses than any other I have seen in any college course. Thanks for all your help. -- Lois Casto, West Virginia

Reproducible Worksheets Include:

Novel Summary Worksheet - helps you see your novel more clearly, from the focus statement to the point of view to the climax/resolution.
Chapter Summary Worksheet - organizes your chapters by scene, identifying your viewpoint character, setting, and purpose.
Character Trait Chart - fleshes out your character from physical description to his greatest fear to his view of animals.
Personality Components - allows you to identify not only the pyschological traits your character displays most of the time, but also those he assumes when in the presence of his mother-in-law or while drinking--or whatever the circumstances are that make your character act "out of character."
Character Growth Chart - shows how your character changes throughout the novel, from his character goal to his conflict (or "fatal flaw") to his resolution.
Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook has been one of the most informative books I have had the opportunity to read. As a novice writer who started writing for a lark, I have found it to be easy to follow and extremely helpful in channeling any direction I need to take in writing. The common words, commas and grammar sections have been extremely beneficial to me. I have had the great luck to talk in person with several writers with whom I shared the workbook. Their comments were that it has helped them move forward from writers block and in one case encouraged a writer who had not written in a long time to write again. The information on how to publish has been of high interest for many of our writers as their ultimate goal is to publish their work. I write for pleasure but even in that respect, your tips and techniques has made writing an even greater joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tips and techniques with the web community. I am very lucky to have run across your site. -- Nancy Pierce, Georgia

The Workbook (in eight sections plus an Introduction/Table of Contents) and the Reproducible Worksheets will be presented for download upon completion of payment. File formats available are Microsoft Word 97-2003, Microsoft Word 6.0/95, and RTF (Rich Text Format). (Rich Text Format is readable by almost all word processing programs, including Word Perfect and Works)

Price: $15

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $10.00 (total cost--includes taxes where required)

Satisfaction guaranteed. Full purchase price will be refunded if you are unable to open the documents or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Volume discounts are available (email Sandy for details).

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I read your Tips and Techiques Workbook again, and let me tell you that I found it an excellent source of information. I have read many "how to do" books on writing. Yours is straight to the point, easy to follow, and full of useful information. Very good job! I have even recommended it to a teacher friend in the English department at the local university. -- Roberto F., Guam

The workbook is also available in a HARD COPY FORMAT shipped to your door.

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